Episode 23: I’d give it a 4.5 out of 10

In Episode 23 we chat with Adam Flater and Rob Rusher about some very controversial topics. Adam points out James’ wishful thinking when we discuss what defines something being a “Flex application”. Jon gets the award for best quote of the episode when we discuss Flex and it’s Community. Things get fun as we discuss Silverlight and Flex differences. As we wrap up Jon rates the wonderful scotch we were drinking an 8 out of 10.

Episode 22: Sleeping on the Couch

In this probably worth missing episode, our West Coast Correspondent, Chet Haase joins us in the early hours of the morning to talk about, well, stuff. If you do decide to watch, look for the highlight of the episode, James falling asleep during the show.

Episode 21: Ralph Hauwert co-founder PaperVision3d

In this episode we enjoy scotch with Ralph Hauwert, one of the founders of the popular PaperVision3d framework.

Read Ralph’s blog at: http://www.unitzeroone.com/blog/
Learn more about the PaperVision3d project at: http://papervision3d.org/

Special Episode: Devoxx 2009

Devoxx is an annual developer conference in Antwerp, Belgium. Devoxx is typically held at the coldest, most miserable time of year to allow attendees to concentrate on the most important thing: Belgian Beer. Drunk on Software’s, Chet Haase, was at the conference this year, talking to various people in bars, in restaurants, and in bars about what they were interested in drinking, er, enjoying at the conference this year.

Episode 20: Dipock Das on Making Better Enterprise Software

In this episode we chat with Dipock Das, who pioneered a focus on user experience for Oracle’s CRM applications.

Learn more about Dipock’s work at Oracle on James’ blog.
Read his Oracle blog: http://blogs.oracle.com/dipock/

Special Episode: Favorite Thing at Adobe MAX 2009

Episode 19: Simeon Bateman MAX 2009 Wrap-up

In this episode Simeon Bateman joins us at Adobe Max 2009 to chat about the highlights.

Simeon Bateman Blog

Episode 18: MAX 2009 Deep Thoughts

In this episode Chet Haase joins us during the Adobe Max 2009 after party to discuss the highlights from the conference. Chet is a member of the Flex SDK team and Drunk on Software’s West Coast Correspondent.

Episode 17: Half of the Java Posse

In this episode we sat in the hands of God with Carl Quinn and Joe Nuxoll of the Java Posse – a weekly Java-related podcast. As expected we discussed the current state of Java, Scala, and other fun topics.

Subscribe to The Java Posse Podcast at javaposse.com.

Episode 16: Dion Almaer and Ben Galbraith founders of Ajaxian.com

In this episode we chat with Dion Almaer and Ben Galbraith founders of Ajaxian.com, and currently working on Bespin at Mozilla.


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