Episode 11: Matt Raible

In episode 11, we have a fun interview with Matt Raible. Matt is a popular blogger and speaker in the Java community.  This edition captures the desired essence of Drunk On Software, just three geeks chatting over a few beers.

Episode 10: Anthony Franco – President of EffectiveUI

In this edition we chat with Anthony Franco, of EffectiveUI, about building high quality software.  Anthony shares about life at EffectiveUI and his thoughts on rich Internet applications.


  • http://www.effectiveui.com/
  • Anthony’s Blog
  • Episode 9: Real World GWT with Alex Moffat

    This is the 9th episode of Drunk On Software, where we sit down with Alex Moffat of Lombardi Software to discuss their usage of Google Web Toolkit (GWT). Alex shares an overview of GWT, and discuss his hands-on experience of using GWT on the development of Lombardi Blueprint product.

    Additional Resources:

    1. Alex and others discussing their usage of GWT.
    2. Lombardi Developers Blog
    3. Alex’s Blog

    Note: This is our last interview shot with our old microphone … we do promise to do better with the audio quality in the future. Thanks for hanging in there with us.

    Episode 8: First Steps in Flex with Bruce Eckel

    In this Episode, we welcome Bruce Eckel in a video we recorded at the QCon San Francisco conference. Bruce and James recently released a book titled, First Steps in Flex. The book is designed to be a quick intro for those interested in learning Adobe Flex.

    In the video, we discuss the Code Jams and OpenSpace conferences Bruce hosts, the RIA landscape, and James and Bruce’s book.

    Bruce’s Upcoming Events:
    Code Jam: Flex / AIR Jam (February 25th-27th)
    Open Space Conference: Java Posse Roundup (March 3rd – 6th)

    Bruce’s Hybridizing Java Article

    Episode 7: Enterprise Flex Applications and Anvil

    In this Episode, we chat with Anvil project founder Ryan Knight. Anvil is an Open Source project that was built to help make Enterprise Flex development easier. In addition, it provides a portal environment for running Flex applications.

    Ryan shares details about the problems Anvil solves, and the projects long-term goals. We also discuss some of the challenges of building applications with the Flex framework.  Also, look for the cameo appearance of Gorilla Logic CEO, Stu Stern.


    Episode 6: Flex for Managers and Architects

    This video is the genesis of Drunk On Software. We had discussed doing an interview on Flex for Software Managers and Architects for quite a while, and only that day decided it could be a series. We start the interview by calling it Scotch Talk and endorsing Chet Haase’s humor book. We are still trying to master things like the audio and video size, so please bear with us.

    In the interview, we cover many architecture questions around Flex and AIR in detail, including the following items:

    Episode 5: Devoxx, Parleys.com, and RIA Frameworks

    In this episode we talk with another Drunk on Software favorite, Stephan Janssen. Stephan is the founder the Devoxx conference (formerly JavaPolis) held annually in Belgium. Devoxx is currently the second largest Java conference, behind only JavaOne. In addition to his work on the Devoxx conference, Stephan is the founder and lead engineer of Parleys.com. Parleys is a RIA platform for delivering online learning resources, such as videos, podcasts, slides, etc.

    We caught-up with Stephan at the QCon conference in San Francisco, where he was speaking on RIA in the real world. In the episode we talk about Devoxx, Parleys, and the current state of the RIA world.

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