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Episode 21: Ralph Hauwert co-founder PaperVision3d

In this episode we enjoy scotch with Ralph Hauwert, one of the founders of the popular PaperVision3d framework.

Read Ralph’s blog at:
Learn more about the PaperVision3d project at:

Episode 18: MAX 2009 Deep Thoughts

In this episode Chet Haase joins us during the Adobe Max 2009 after party to discuss the highlights from the conference. Chet is a member of the Flex SDK team and Drunk on Software’s West Coast Correspondent.

Episode 8: First Steps in Flex with Bruce Eckel

In this Episode, we welcome Bruce Eckel in a video we recorded at the QCon San Francisco conference. Bruce and James recently released a book titled, First Steps in Flex. The book is designed to be a quick intro for those interested in learning Adobe Flex.

In the video, we discuss the Code Jams and OpenSpace conferences Bruce hosts, the RIA landscape, and James and Bruce’s book.

Bruce’s Upcoming Events:
Code Jam: Flex / AIR Jam (February 25th-27th)
Open Space Conference: Java Posse Roundup (March 3rd – 6th)

Bruce’s Hybridizing Java Article

Episode 6: Flex for Managers and Architects

This video is the genesis of Drunk On Software. We had discussed doing an interview on Flex for Software Managers and Architects for quite a while, and only that day decided it could be a series. We start the interview by calling it Scotch Talk and endorsing Chet Haase’s humor book. We are still trying to master things like the audio and video size, so please bear with us.

In the interview, we cover many architecture questions around Flex and AIR in detail, including the following items:

Episode 1 – Flash Player 10 for Developers

Welcome to the first episode of Drunk on Software – a new video podcast where James Ward and Jon Rose get together to discuss all aspects of software and share beverages.

In this episode Jon interviews James on the October 2008 release of Flash Player 10. James shares details about the four primary advancements that are of interest to software developers: Pixel Bender, 3D Effects, Advanced Text Layout, and changes to File Reference API.

[Update: We’ve moved to which has an iTunes feed.]

For this episode we are trying the video hosting site. In the future we will also setup an iTunes feed and may publish audio only versions. Let us know how this video works and what other formats and technologies you would like us to use.

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