Episode 2 – Flex Automated Testing and FlexMonkey

In this episode we interview Stu Stern of Gorilla Logic.  Stu and Gorilla Logic recently launched FlexMonkey, a record / playback testing tool for Flex applications.  Stu discusses the in-and-outs of FlexMonkey, and how it differs from other Flex testing tools.  In addition, Stu dialogs with us on the conceptual and religious aspects of software testing.

FlexMonkey Resources:

BTW: We continue to learn more about the video making process. The sound and light is better in this episode but we did forget to turn off our cell phones which causes that annoying occasional noise. Bare with us as we continue to improve the quality and substance of these videos.

BTW2: You will notice that in this video we reference “Scotch Talk” which was what we planned on calling this before we came up with the “Drunk on Software” name.

7 thoughts on “Episode 2 – Flex Automated Testing and FlexMonkey

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  2. Garth Braithwaite October 30, 2008 at 11:02 am Reply

    Thanks for the great interview. I’m anxious to get started using FlexMonkey.

    I made it to the end… feel free to send me a present.

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